Hirschluch 19-02-2018

This is the first time I came to Hirshluch as well first time in Germany. After the breakfast in the morning, we had our fist activity, which is based on exploring the site and we did like a type of treasure hunt, but finding a specific location that relates to the photos we got, and if we find it, we make a group photo.
Second activity is more of a game which is very similar between capture the flag or a game that have the similar rules as paintball, we splitted in 2 teams, the attackers and the defenders, the attackers will take the ball from the defenders and get back to their zone. Although its fun we spent a lot of time explaining about the game and the rules.
After that we had lunch and we rested for an hour, before the next activity. The next activity is quite insteresting: we split into small groups and we have to create tasks for the other groups, one task for each group,as we wrote the tasks individually, we went out and hid the papers somewhere so the others will find. Then we had some practice from these tasks that the other groups made and after that we went inside and did the tasks.We really enjoyed alot, but I really love this place because I made some new friends and hoping for more.