Highlights from our trip to Berlin

This short video shows some of the best parts of our day out in Berlin. We visited many different places and used different forms of transport to get around the city. We visited the Museum of Photograpy and enjoyed a guided tour, if you visit Berlin I recommend that you also try and visit this museum as it is very interesting. After the tour we split into two different groups with one group visiting the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichtag (German Parliament), Alexanderplatz, the Holocaust Memorial and Potsdamerplatz while the second group visited the Berlin Wall Memorial. Stefan explained aspects of the site to the group and then participants were able to visit the exhibition about the wall. After enjoying learning new things we were allowed some free time to relax in a cafe and buy souveniers of our trip to the city.


Welcome in project “Listen to the Silence”

Welcome in project Listen to the Silence. We give you some regards from Germany, Storkow. There are 15 participants in the project and 6 interpreters from Germany, Malta and Czech Republic. Our aim is to get know each other cultures and connect the world of deaf and hearing people. We will be here for one week.
We are looking forward to the experience we will get.
1. Day:
We introduced each other, played games, we were in the forest for the outside activities, afternoon we learnt basics of sign language in smaller groups (national groups on purpose to learn national sign language).
2. Day:
We began the day with the basics of sign language and repeated yesterday experiences.